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Economic Outlook

Winds of Change?

The band The Scorpions was formed in 1965 in Hanover, Germany. In 1985, they released several hit songs including “Send Me an Angel” and “Wind of Change.” The latter popular hit celebrated the changes signaling the end of the Cold War. Much like in 1987, the financial markets today are also signaling the coming winds of change – in the form of inflation driven by a combination of supply and demand effects more persistent than was first believed. Read more here…

Economic Outlook

Talent Has No Boundaries – Commemorating Black History Month

The first of February marks the start of Black History Month for 2022. The annual celebration of African American achievements is a time to reflect on the central role they have in our nation’s history, while also recognizing their activism and attainments throughout the entire world. Our history reflects and shapes who we are today, but also impacts what we can do tomorrow. The best thing we can do as patriotic Americans is support the same Americans who have been by our side throughout history.

Financial Planning

Kirk Capital Advisors Gives Back

It is an honor to support the mission of the residential program called Youth for Tomorrow, located in Bristow, VA. I had the privilege of gathering gifts for the holidays for teens, including the boys in the Washington Courage House, and delivering them in-person. Read more about how the cause here…

Financially Responsible Kids

The Best Way for Kids to Manage their Holiday Money

This article in the series of Confident Kids℠ targets the age group of 8 to 18 years old. With the Holiday season upon us, many kids are anxiously looking forward to opening their gifts. Just as parents teach their children how to put their toys away when they are done playing with them, parents also want to teach their children how to properly manage the gift of cash they have received. Learn more here…

Financial Planning

2021 Year End Planning Checklist

The Holiday Season is upon us, and the end of the year is quickly approaching but there’s still time to take action to lower your tax bill and to check off a few key planning tips to ensure that you are doing everything you can to protect your family’s future. Find out more here…

Military Transition Planning

Honoring Our National Heroes on Veterans Day

As the son of a Vietnam veteran, I take time each year on Veterans Day to say, “Thank you for your service!” to the individuals in my life who have been brave enough to selflessly defend our great nation in uniform. Read more here…

Financial Planning

Florence… City of Finance, Culture, and Inspiration

Florence was a leading financial center of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. It’s role as a leading city state of the Italian peninsula owed to its ability to cultivate industry, finance, and trade. The ruling families of the city were certainly full of conflict, intrigue, and competition. But the cultural and historical impact of this city endures due to the impact of these same families. Some impressions stuck out to me that inform the work we are doing with clients. Read more here…

Financial Planning

Director of Financial Planning Mark Troutman Participates in National Association of Business Economists Annual Meeting, 26 – 28 September 2021

The National Association of Business Economists is the leading organization for financial professionals engaged in economic analysis and forecasting. I’ve been a member for over ten years and this past week attended our annual meeting. The meeting provided great perspectives, and I’ve included some highlights below…

Financially Responsible Kids

How to be Financially Successful Right Out of College

We are proud to announce our on-going series called Confident Kids℠! This article is the first in the series, which focuses on financial literacy and education for young investors.

Graduating college is not only an important milestone in life; it’s also the first step in your quest to become financially independent. However, the journey that awaits you will likely be filled with challenges. Maintaining a successful and happy personal life after college as an adult, also means being financially responsible adult.

Learn how to go down the path of financial success as a young adult here…