The KIRK Confidence ExperienceSM

You want highly personalized service — not mass customization — that is specific to you.
And you want an experience that is remarkable and unique to you in every way, every time, and with every interaction. 

Wealth management on your terms

At KIRK, we’re turning the tables on how wealth management services are delivered by taking personalization to a whole new level. Customized portfolios are just the beginning…

The KIRK Confidence ExperienceSM is our proprietary client-centric platform that empowers you to prioritize the services you need and choose the manner in which those services are delivered to you.

At KIRK, we’re turning the tables on how wealth management services

Services tailored for you… by you

Your experience with us at KIRK is completely personalized around your desires as an individual — not our wants as a business. This means you select the specific services you want. You determine what content you want to receive. You determine how we interact with you and how often. And it’s all covered under one annual advisory fee.

You decide:

"These are just some of the ways we give you the power to customize your experience at KIRK. "

Core Wealth Management Services

Choose the services you need based on your unique priorities. Then, let’s customize your experience exactly the way that works best for you.

Multigenerational Wealth Planning

We believe that generational planning for your entire family holds the key to reaching your life goals. Our approach to wealth management therefore takes into consideration the unique needs of all your family members and extends to matters well beyond “just the money”. 

Our mission is to help families and individuals make sound financial decisions, preserve their legacies, and extend their wealth to future generations.