The KIRK Confidence ExperienceSM

Wealth management on your terms.

You want highly personalized service — not mass customization — that is specific to you. And you want an experience that is remarkable and unique to you in every way, every time, and with every interaction. At KIRK, we’re turning the tables on how wealth management services are delivered by taking personalization to a whole new level. And customized portfolios are just the beginning… The KIRK Confidence ExperienceSM is our proprietary client-centric platform that empowers you to prioritize the services you need and choose the manner in which those services are delivered to you.

Services tailored for you… by you.

Your experience with us at KIRK is completely personalized around your desires as an individual — not our wants as a business. This means you select the specific services you want. You determine what content you want to receive. You determine how we interact with you and how often we interact with you. And it’s all covered under one annual advisory fee.

You decide…

These are just some of the ways we give you the power to customize your experience at KIRK.

Core Wealth Management Services

Choose the services you need based on your unique priorities.
Then, let’s customize your experience exactly the way that works best for you.

Multigenerational Wealth Planning

We believe that generational planning for your entire family holds the key to reaching your life goals. Our approach to wealth management therefore takes into consideration the unique needs of all your family members and extends to matters well beyond “just the money”. Our mission is to help families and individuals make sound financial decisions, preserve their legacies and extend their wealth to future generations.

Investment Management and
Portfolio Construction

Managing investments prudently takes discipline and work. We do not outsource the management of your money to 3rd party asset managers, and we do not use “model portfolios”. Our customized portfolio construction starts with in-house research of stocks, funds and ETFs. We apply our economic insight and market analysis of trends. And then, we take into account your personal preferences such as your tolerance for risk, and whether your overall objective is accumulation or preservation of wealth.

Your portfolio will exclude exposure to any investments you deem as prohibited; and it may also include a preference for companies that are screened for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues to better align with your investment goals and ethical motivations.

Retirement Planning

Perhaps you are considering buying a second home or joining an exclusive club. Or you’re mulling how to pay for college tuition for your children or grandchildren. You’re taking on the responsibilities of elder care for an aging parent; or you’re negotiating the complexities of an inheritance. Then there’s Social Security benefits, Medicare and required minimum distributions to sort out. Let us be your guide on the road to a richer retirement.

Executive Coaching / Business Consulting

The KIRK leadership team is uniquely comprised of entrepreneurs, business owners and educators with decades of experience helping corporate executives and business owners make financially confident decisions. We’ve founded, run and successfully sold companies through various market and economic cycles. We have first-hand experience creating winning company cultures. We are connected to venture capital firms and a broad network of board-level investors. In short, we are builders. We’ll help you make the most of your corporate career and business ventures.

Transition Planning

The “Transition in Confidence” Initiative:

National Security professionals transitioning from a lifetime of public service to private life face a unique set of financial challenges. They must make a complex series of financial decisions that have long lasting impacts. Our initiative engages the population who have made successful transitions into private life and have experience that can benefit those transitioning later. 

We conduct interviews with professionals who are in various stages of transition to capture their life experience and convert these into short podcasts. We then examine what these professionals tell us about their journey to create solutions for the financial challenges they identify, devise solutions and catalogue them. All documentation and case studies are anonymous to protect the financial security of those we interview. We use themes from the interviews as ideas for articles that we publish to reach a wide population and enable those who will make transition in the future to benefit from the experience of those who have gone before.

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Executive Coaching / Business Consulting